Refrigeration Parts HVH Solenoid Valve AC Accessory Parts Miniature HVH Piston Solenoid Valve For Air Conditioner

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Refrigeration Parts HVH Solenoid Valve AC Accessory Parts Miniature HVH Piston Solenoid Valve For Air Conditioner
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Model Number: HVH Solenoid valve, HVH
Application: Refrigeration Parts, Refrigeration Parts
Material: Brass
Pressure: High Pressure
Power: Solenoid
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Сертификация: CE/ QS/ ISO 9001
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Сертификация: CE/ QS/ ISO 9001
Model Number: HVH Solenoid valve, HVH
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Packaging Details: Packaging Details: Packaging Details: Hongsen packing or neutral Delivery Detail: Shipped in 20 days after payment
Supply Ability: 500 Piece/Pieces per Week
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AC Accessory Parts HVH Piston Type Solenoid valve for Air conditioner

Product Description:

· Model HVH piston type solenoid valve is a twice open-type solenoid valve to be suitable to one-way flow.

· Model HVH piston type solenoid valve is used on the liquid, air suction and not vapor pipes of the refrigeration, cold storage and air conditioning facilities.

· The coil of varies voltages is available for Model HVH piston type solenoid valve with a universal valve body.

· Model HVH piston type solenoid valve could be supplied in whole or in split means the valve body and coil could be supplied separately.

  • Product Model:


    ModelSizeP(bar)Max Operating Pressure(bar)Kv(m3/h)
    Weld ConnectionMin.MOPD LiquidMOP



    1) Kv value: The flow rate (m³/h) of water of density 1t/m3 passing through the solenoid valve with the pressure differential of 100 KPa.

    2) The MOPD of gaseous medium is about 1 bar higher than that of liquid.



    ModelNominal Refrigerating Capacity kW
    LiquidAir SuctionHot Vapor



    The working condition the nominal refrigerating capacity of liquid and air suction is as follows:


    Evaporation Temperature: te = -10℃;

    Liquid Temperature before Valve: t1 = +25℃;

    Pressure Drop after Solenoid Valve: P = 15KPa


    The working condition the nominal refrigerating capacity of hot vapor is as follows:

    Condensation Temperature: tc = +40℃;

    Pressure Drop after Solenoid Valve: P = 80KPa;

    Hot Vapor Temperature: th = +65℃;

    Liquid Refrigerant Overcooding: t = 4K 




Technical Parameters:


Applicable Refrigerants:HCFC or HFC(Customer apecified)
Applicable Medium Temperature:-30℃~+140℃
Application Ambient Temperature of Solenoid-40℃~+65℃
Standard Voltage of SolenoidAC 380V,AC 220V/50Hz(Customer design is available)
Allowable Voltage Fluctuation for Solenoid+10%~15%
Connection of SolenoidStandard 3-wire insert connector



1,dust cap; 2,pice; 3,valve body; 4,piston; 5,O-ring; 6,piston ring; 7,seal ring; 8,valve seat; 9,reset spring; 10,core iron; 11,solenoid coil; 12,spring pin; 13,valve needle

ModelOverall DimensionWeight(kg)
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  Zhejiang Hongsen Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in 1992, which devoted itself in the R&D and manufacture of various valves in refrigerantion and air condition systom.

  Hongsen Machinery covers a land area fo 50000 squeare meters. There are cover 300 staffs and workers in including a specialty team of ten techicians.        Hongsen Machinery has a close cooperation with the professors and expert in Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong univercity and several senior engineers of leading domestic OEMs are invited as the consultants of the company. A number of techinical talents are trained in production, development and quality control and grow up in the company. At present, Hongsen Machinery is capable to manufacture multiple categories of refrigeration and A/Caccessory parts such as solenoid valve, ball valve, sight glass, expansion valve series and shut off valve series. Hongsen Machinery becomes one company integrating R&D, production and marketing into one.



Q:Are you manufacturer?

A:Yes,we are professional manufacturer for refrigeration tools and A/C parts


Q:What is MOQ for this product in your company?
A:MOQ is 3000pcs, if less, please check with us firstly


Q:What delivery time in your company for this product?
A:Delivery time is 30days since order in general. If tight,please check us. We will arrange production for you as per mutual benefit.


Q:What payment is it in your company after order?
A:Payment is TT,Another payment can be accepted after confirm.


Q:We are one big company, and want to design our special package for this product, is it ok?
A:Another customized package is welcome.


Q:What shipment is it to our destination?
A:In general, we transfer goods by sea for save cost. If you urgent, we can consider by air.

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