General Dust Collector Pulse Jet Valve Water Air Pulse Solenoid Valve

1 Piece
General Dust Collector Pulse Jet Valve Water Air Pulse Solenoid Valve
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Type: Adjustable Relief Valves, Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves
Model Number: Pulsed solenoid valve
Application: General
Temperature of Media: Normal Temperature
Power: Electric
Media: Gas
Port Size: 30mm
Structure: Safety, Shell and coil
product name: Dust Collector Pulse Jet Valve
Material: Stainless steel or copper
MOQ: 1 set
Weight: 1kg
Applicable Industr: : Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Bevera
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Model Number: Pulsed solenoid valve
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Packaging Details: cartons
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Solenoid valve features
Electromagnetic pulse valve: refers to the electromagnetic valve, pilot valve and pulse valve combination together, directly
controlled by the electrical signal diaphragm valve.
Functions of electromagnetic pulse valve:
Is to control the oil pressure in the oil circuit.Generally, it is installed in the main oil circuit or the shock absorber back
pressure oil circuit to reduce the oil pressure impact when changing gears and locking and unlocking, so as to keep the equipment
running in a stable state.
According to the valve inlet and outlet Angle and the form of air inlet can be divided into three:
A) right-angle electromagnetic pulse valve: diaphragm valve with body inlet and outlet at right angles and directly controlled by
electrical signals;
B) straight-through electromagnetic pulse valve: diaphragm valve whose body inlet and outlet are 180 degrees and which is directly
controlled by electrical signal;
C) submerged electromagnetic pulse valve: diaphragm valve with the valve body inlet submerged in the gas bag and directly
controlled by electrical signals.
In addition to the three conventional solenoid valves there is a rotary injection of large diameter ultra-low pressure
electromagnetic pulse valve.
The diaphragm divides the electromagnetic pulse valve into the front and back air Chambers. When the compressed air is connected,
it enters the rear air chamber through the throttle hole. At this time, the pressure of the rear air chamber attaches the
diaphragm to the outlet of the valve, and the electromagnetic pulse valve is in the "off" state.Pulse injection control instrument
signal disappears, electromagnetic pulse valve armature is reset, rear air chamber vent hole is closed, rear air chamber pressure
increases to make the diaphragm close to the valve outlet, electromagnetic pulse valve is in the state of "closed".

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Product details
Our company
Our company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating development, production, sales and integration. In order to protect high-quality products, the company and the major engineering machinery colleges have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship. Absorb fresh blood for many years. Caring for product development and quality. The company's main products are hydraulic filter, warehouse top dust collector, precision filter, coalescing filter, stainless steel filter, dust filter and so on. Applicable to many fields such as power plants, steel mills, mixing plants, tobacco plants, chemicals, mines, etc. Support for custom-made various special shaped filter elements. Products are exported to overseas. Received widespread praise from customers. And began to enter the overseas market. The company's purpose: to give full play to human resources, the use of advanced management technology, to produce products with advanced performance and reliable quality, to serve every customer. Our company is a young and energetic enterprise. We adhere to the corporate tenet of "thickness and morality" and insist on taking honesty and trusting. We will work with you to contribute to energy saving and emission reduction!
Product structure characteristics
Structural Features: Air box pulse dust collector is divided into 32 bags/room, 64 bags/room, 96 bags/room, and 128 bags/room according to different bags. Each series is divided into different specifications according to the number of rooms. A total of 33 species. Its structure is detailed in the attached selection diagram and consists of the following parts: (1) Housing part: including the clean room (or gas purification box, the box), the filter room, the partitions of the chamber, the access door and the shell structure. The cleaning room is equipped with a poppet valve and a flower plate, and a short pipe is blown: the filter room is provided with a filter and its skeleton. (2) Ash hopper and ash discharge mechanism: There are ash hoppers and according to different series and different imported dust concentrations, screw conveyors, air conveying chutes and rigid impeller unloaders (ash unloading valves) are respectively installed. (3) In and out of the air box body: Including the inlet and outlet air ducts and the middle partition. Single-row (or single-row) structures are arranged on one side of the housing, and double-row (or double-row) structures are arranged in the middle of the housing: 32 series are smaller without a box, and the air inlet and outlet pipes are connected to the ash hopper and the clean room respectively. . (4) Pulse cleaning device: including pulse valve, air bag, poppet valve and its solenoid valve. (5) Compressed air line and decompression device, oil-water separator, oil mister, etc. (6) Pillars and vertical cage ladders and railings.
Packing and Delivery
carton or wooden carton
according to you request
Packaging Details
Carton(Plastic bag inside, carton box outer, every filter have one small box , outside have a big box ) wooden carton (carton
inside )
Each carton with packaing belt before send
by sea ,air , internation express

by sea : 30-45 days by air : 5-7 work days
by express:' 3-5 work days
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